The Reason for Creating This Blog

Being an undergraduate student majoring in English, I learn a lot about feminism (amongst other social issues).  Initially, I thought gender issues were long gone. But after spending a few years in the ‘real world’ I noticed that women are still, at least to some degree, seen as being nannies or cleaners — servants, if you will.

To give an example: a few weeks ago I went for a job interview at an advertising agency. I had heard that the company participated in the illegal activity of pyramid scheming, but I thought I’d still give it a shot. When I spoke to the boss, I asked him about this rumour. Instead of giving me a well-deserved professional answer, he said “Sweetheart, don’t worry”. Initially I felt a bit flattered, but after a bit of contemplation, I realised that this form of unprofessional flattery was actually completely demeaning to me as a woman. It was almost as if he, like a ’50s pimp, implicitly said “Sweetheart, don’t worry your little head about it: you just have to look pretty”. As soon as I realised this I got enraged. Ever since then I’ve taken more and more notice of the implicitly patriarchal society we still live in.

So, to get back to the point at hand, the reason for creating this site is that I want to show that, yes, women are made for cleaning up and being nannies. But by ‘cleaning up’ I do not simply mean literally sweeping away the dust; by ‘being nannies’ I do not simply mean nurtuting infants. What I mean is that women have the power to figuratively ‘clean up’ and ‘nurture’ the world: women’s social skills are needed in order to get rid of all the messy problems in the social world; women’s social skills are needed to teach and lull humanity peacefully. Of course, I’m not a feminist to the extent that I exclude men from helping us, but I do think neglected female voices should be heard.

It ought to be encouraged to leave your fingerprints after 'cleaning up'.

It ought to be encouraged to leave your fingerprints after ‘cleaning up’.

By philosophising about certain political, social, personal or even natural problems in the world, I will attempt to set an example to all women (and men?). Go forth, and vacuum!


5 thoughts on “The Reason for Creating This Blog

  1. I love the point you make about “cleaning up” and “nurturing” the world. Bravo. This could easily have been a post on Peace for Bloggers for Peace. Thank you for supporting the project. Hope to hear more from you soon.

    • Hi there! Thank you so much for the positive encouragement.
      This is not a paid theme, no — it’s wordpress 2010/2011 I think.
      Nice band by the way. If I could ‘like’ it, I would, but I don’t know how to.
      Merry Christmas!

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