Weekly Writing Challenge: Wrap It Up – Top 3 Things I’ve Learnt This Year

Seeing as the world is going to end tomorrow (:P), I guess the time has finally come for me to reflect on what I’ve learnt this year. These are the top 3 things I’ve learnt this year: neatly wrapped up in Santa Clause wrapping paper, ribbons, bells, unicorns and all other good things. Hopefully this can be my present to all of you out there in the world – something you can use and live by.

3) Fashion is not purely reserved for airheads – J

My university friend, J, is feisty in her relationships; interested in her field of study and simply cannot be mean. In short, she is not a poppie [Afrikaans word for a “Mean Girls” type of bitchy woman]. Yet, she delves into fashion magazines and buys pretty clothes whenever she gets the chance. She has shown me that fashion is not to be dismissed as an airhead-activity – it is an art form in its own way and by finding your style you are not (as some feminists might suggest) an object. Rather you are powerfully asserting your artful, unique appearance.

2) “Feel more” – Hale Tsehlana, T, A

My creative writing tutor, Hale Tsehlana, always told our class to “feel more”. I would’ve probably dismissed her as a wannabe hippie if it weren’t for observing some of my other friends – T and A. Both these friends live rich lives and have binding experiences with people because they allow themselves to be stirred. An astonishing thing that I noticed was that even though they’re not always nice to people because they express when they are disappointed, people love them more because they are genuine.

1) Don’t push things – Yoga

When I started doing yoga, it was not easy. Initially I tried stretching as far as the experts did; I tried balancing without a yoga block; basically I tried doing intermediate things even though I was just a beginner. I didn’t improve until I actually listened to the instructors and took things at my own pace. Since then my posture has improved a great deal as has my balance. I’m still not perfect but at least I’m enjoying yoga and not trying to pretend to be an expert. Extending this notion, I think this is a great way to live life by. If you’re an aspiring writer, you can’t just start writing a book straight out of school (well, I guess you could but it would be shitty) – you must start with smaller projects like writing blogs. The same goes for relationships. If you’re a beginner, admit it to yourself and don’t push things. This will make the overall experience more enjoyable and less stressful so you’ll want to carry on and, because of that, only then you will improve.

If the world ends tomorrow (which I doubt), I will be greatly sad that I could not implement these new findings into my life. If it does not end, however, kudos to us. Merry Christmas! Hope all of you take these ‘presents’ to heart.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Wrap It Up – Top 3 Things I’ve Learnt This Year

  1. Hahaha, thanks for the downward dog yoga tip! I’ll try to remember that 🙂
    I guess some people might try to argue that the world did actually end: we just don’t know it in our spiritual state. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in any case!

  2. Very nice post to end the old cycle with. I agree with your observations, logically “fashion” seems superficial and without purpose, but it is a creative way to express yourself and build self confidence. As for your friends, T&A, real always feel better than fake (please excuse the double entendre). 😉 And as for yoga…. don’t chew gum while doing downward dog, not good. 😀
    I’m glad the world’s not over yet, we can continue learning more from each other and evolve our consciousness. Have a merry X-mas and *Peace*

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