Weekly Writing Challenge: Just Do It!: Blogception

The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge is to blog about anything everyday for a week. I will attempt to blog about blogging — blogception! 

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s rose?”

William Shakespeare: what a rebel - look at that earring!

William Shakespeare: what a rebel – look at that earring!

Many famous writers (like, for instance, William Shakespeare) compare the object of their affection to another significant object by using a simile.Being a relatively new blogger, I cannot yet say that blogging is my ‘one true love’ — at the moment it is only an infatuation: we’ve only just started flirting. But I believe that this little seed of infatuation can grow into a full-grown obsession.

At the moment, blogging is like shaving was to me. When my mom bought me my first razor at age 13, I was extremely excited. I couldn’t wait till night-time just so that I could shave my legs. Yes, I got many nicks and cuts; I made lots of mistakes and frequently it would look as if I was a depressed emo cutting myself ‘so I could just feel something, man’. But I practiced a lot and I am proud to say that I have mastered the art of shaving! Nowadays I stand with my back straight up, balancing on one leg, not looking at the razor and the result is smooth skin.

Yes, I know shaving like a yogi is a kind of useless skill to have, but my point is that because I loved shaving and because I practiced often, it became easier and I could do more complex things. The same goes for blogging. Even though I may make a lot of mistakes and some might possibly see my blog as a massacre of the English Language, I enjoy doing it. Because of this I will (hopefully) carry on blogging and become better. Plus, just like shaving, blogging (actually just writing overall) makes me a cleaner person in a figurative sense: if I do not write, I literally go a bit bonkers.

Fellow bloggers, my advice to you is to only blog if your really enjoy doing it. If you don’t enjoy something, then doing it is a waste of time.

Happy blogging, fellow photographers, writers and artists alike 🙂 [Take it easy on the festive drinks and drive safely!]


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