Weekly Writing Challenge: Just Do It: Why I Couldn’t

I feel kind of bad that I haven’t been following through with the weekly writing challenge of blogging every single day, so I guess I should just give a reason for not ‘just doing it’. At the expense of sounding lame, I would venture to say that sometimes certain excuses are valid. It’s all relative. If you’ve skipped a weekly writing challenge but you’ve made your sweat a part of the earth, appreciated nature and spent time with friends, I would say you’ve done the right thing. (*What do you think?)


We went to Crystal Pools in Gordon’s Bay, South Africa. After hiking for just about 30 minutes (after just starting to feel a bit faint) we arrived at the pools. A bit contrary to the name, the water is not as much crystalline as it is golden. The first dive into the mountain water was refreshing and crisp; dark and saintly — like diving into a universe where all the weight is lifted off your shoulders. Isolated, but together; yin and yang, four of us lay there wandering (and wondering) in the water.


DSCN3310Although we built up make-believe dream houses in those mountains, it was still a bit of a bliss to know that the car isn’t very far off and that home is just around the corner. I would recommend this trail to any aspiring hiker — hey, even I did it, and I can’t even run 100 meters without panting like an asthmatic smoker.

There is fun for everyone to be found. For the braver ones there are cliffs from which you can fall from grace. For the lovers there are rocks that seem to reach up into shape-shifting clouds. For first-time friends, childhood wonders in little alien creatures like tadpoles.

Get those old hiking boots out; put on that unfashionable sun hat and go visit some sites NOT in the comfort of your own home.


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